After Care


Our artwork is intended for indoor use only - some glass can crack in extreme temperatures.


Stained glass work will naturally oxidize over time. When this happens, you may notice a white crust along the solder line. With a quick clean and polish, it’ll be good to go! 


Apply a small amount of unscented dish soap and warm water to a towel, wash, and pat dry.


Do not use Windex or any glass cleaner that contains ammonia. The brand Sprayway (found at Lowe's) is an ammonia free glass cleaner that works well for quick cleaning.


If your piece has silver solder, you can use fine steel wool or a magic eraser to buff out the piece. Do not use on black or copper solder - anything ridged will remove the patina. Then, use a microfiber cloth and carnauba wax (found in most car waxes) to gently polish your piece. Follow instructions on bottle. Cotton balls and q-tips are helpful for curved spots.

Additionally, all of our glass pieces (besides plant stakes + jewelry) contain a percentage of lead in the solder. Lead is harmful when ingested. In other words, don't put it in your mouth, cover any open wounds while handling, and simply wash your hands before touching your face.


The best way to display your stained glass piece is a nail, screw, or installed hook. Heavy duty command strips also work well. We advise against suction cups as they are unreliable.

Please feel free to email us with any additional care questions you may have!

We are also not responsible for any injuries if your piece falls, breaks, or gets damaged.

If you would like us to clean or polish your piece for you, we'll do it for free! Just cover shipping to and from. Contact us for further instructions!